Viveros Island Day Pass

10 Hours – Visit Viveros Island the must comfortable beach club at the Pearl Islands, Panamá. Lunch, ferry and facilities included. Departing from Friday to Sunday at 7:30am from the Flamenco Marina, Causeway Amador. Check in at 7:00am.

Returning from Viveros at 2:00PM. Arriving in Panama City at 5:00PM


  • Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Check-in 7:00 AM
  • Hour 7:30 AM
  • Flamenco Marina Causeway, Amador, Panama City
  • 10 Hours


  • Ferry from Panama City (round trip)
  •  Lunch
  • 1 welcome drink is included upon arrival
  • You’ll have full access to the pool, chairs, umbrellas, and showers